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Are you ready to take your life sciences company to the next level?

There are definite benefits to outsourcing your logistics. In this webinar, Tim Mcclatchy dives into mitigating scaling issues and the cues that indicate it’s time to outsource. You’ll also learn what certifications and solutions a 3PL partner needs and tips on contract negotiations. Finally, after you’ve selected your 3PL, we’ll look at the metrics they should be hitting during the relationship.

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Key takeaways:
  • When is it time to move? Looking for the signs you've outgrown insourced logistics.
  • From certifications to solutions, what should you look for in a 3PL.
  • Once the right partner is found, how do you monitor success in the relationship?


Life Sciences companies really need to focus on their core competencies -- their customers. If you're outgrowing your logistics capabilities, it's taking away from them.
- Tim McClatchy