The status quo of MHE management is due for a shake-up. It has remained unchanged for decades – unintegrated with technology and refusing to incorporate new strategies.

In a time of rising costs, tight labor markets and limited equipment inventory, remaining with the status quo can cost a business more than dollars.

In this guide, our experts look at business as usual and what it takes to shake up the current system to reach a fully integrated, technology-driven comprehensive material handling system, and the benefits of employing this strategy.

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Key takeaways:
  • The hidden costs of fleet management
  • Incorporating visibility at every level of your fleet
  • The benefits of comprehensive material handling, by the numbers

Warehouse Safety Board

"Only 20% of the cost of MHE is incurred at the time of purchase, while the remaining 80% of costs are incurred throughout the life of the equipment, including labor and parts."