Cutting Costs Through Continuous Improvement

Kenco has driven out more than $100 million in waste using a Continuous Improvement model, and now we're sharing the proven methodology with you. 

In this white paper, experts share the places durable goods companies can seek out continual savings. The commonly oversized nature of these items comes with unique -- and costly -- challenges. In an era of limited real estate, high inflation, and labor shortages, companies can use this continuous improvement model to protect their bottom line. 

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Key takeaways:
  • The basis of the continuous improvement model and why it works
  • 4 high-savings areas companies can look to and the proven ROI found there
  • The technology that reinforces continuous improvement to help you see continued savings

"Our Continuous Improvement engineers have years of cross-industry expertise and knowledge of supply chain logistics best practices. Many are Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certified."