Automation as a Service Webinar

It's increasingly difficult to keep your workforce staffed up sufficiently to meet growing ecommerce fulfillment demands. Automation in various flavors is an increasingly common option for retailers to augment and fill in gaps, ensuring sufficient throughput to meet SLAs.

But what if you could add automation as a service to the mix, swapping resources in and out as needs arise? And further, if this enabled you to tap the power of emerging technologies powered by an innovation lab? In this webinar, hear from experts at Kenco Logistics about the power of the as-a-service model, and how a lab environment is a triple win for tech provider, 3PL and retailer.

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Automation Webinar Preview
“Often times when you bring in new technology you've never used before, you never know how it will react or interact with both the warehouse environments and the WMS systems. That first use of that technology is largely painful to some extent. The lab allows us to bring that technology in and connect with our WMS in a live environment so we can work out the bugs in a much more controlled manner, then when we do introduce it to a warehouse or distribution center, most if not all of the kinks are worked out.” - Jason Minghini, GVP Logistics Operations for Kenco