Trucking is more important than ever, but driver safety is at risk.

The National Safety Council estimates that the average cost of a truck or car accident is approximately $1.8M in the event of a death and $160,000 for a disabling injury. For commercial motor vehicles, that cost jumps to $5 to $7M for a fatality and $280,000 for an injury.

At Kenco, we've created a culture of safety that aligns seamlessly with our focus on innovation. Our team has tested and implemented premium safety innovations to ensure everyone on the road gets home and deliveries are made. 

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Key takeaways:
  • Setting a foundation with a culture of safety
  • Technologies that drive safety and have a high ROI
  • The crucial role of drivers in any innovation implementation 


When driving, the average driver looks 3 and 6 seconds ahead of them. We train our professional drivers to look 12 to 18 seconds ahead, giving them the visibility and space to see what they need and act accordingly.