Delivering While You Scale

If you're an eCommerce retailer, you might have heard the news: a bad delivery experience can kill your business.

In fact, new research conducted by eCommerce last-mile delivery platform, FarEye, found that 85% of U.S. consumers will not shop with a retailer again after having had a poor delivery experience. This realization has caused retailers to focus their attention on offering a top-tier delivery experience. But as eCommerce businesses grow, scaling delivery operations without compromising the customer experience can be a challenge.

In this eBook, we dive into what makes a great eCommerce delivery experience and what retailers can do to uphold high standards even as they scale.

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Key takeaways:
  • Setting your company up for success with an excellent pre-purchase experience
  • How to setup your fulfillment operations, including DOM, inventory management and technology
  • Providing the final "WOW" when a customer receives their package 

It’s clear that today’s consumers want fast and free shipping, and they’re willing to go elsewhere if they visit an eCommerce business that doesn’t meet their delivery expectations.