Supply Chain Expert Expectations for Peak 

We heard from consumers, but what do supply chain experts expect from the upcoming peak season? 

Leaders in logistics for their companies shared their plans, challenges, and forecasts for the upcoming peak season. Hear how they're strategizing, including:

  • Expected sales compared to previous years
  • Their biggest concerns for the season
  • Where they're bringing in tech to solve problems


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Key takeaways:
  • With a questionable economy, how are leaders in logistics expecting 2023 volumes to compare to previous years?
  • How AI is impacting their tech stack, and what it's doing to improve operations.
  • Tactics for attracting seasonal workers to ensure seamless fulfillment.

"AI is also leaving its mark on the industry. While only 35% of respondents have explored AI solutions for their operations, there is comfort in using it to manage everyday processes"