We're halfway there - is it all up hill from here?

As we head into the back half of 2023, and for many, the busiest part of the year, what twists and turns will 2023 bring? 

Your mid-year Supply Chain Trending report answers all of your burning questions and more, including:

  • Should your transportation plan lean into contract or spot for the rest of 2023? 
  • Is an impending recession a return to normal for real estate or will it overcorrect? 
  • How are the long MHE lead times reacting to market changes? 


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Fill out the form to download your report.

In this report:
  • Finding the best rates (and capacity) for the rest of 2023
  • What to expect from MHE lead times and protecting your operational efficiencies
  • The state of real estate in a potential recession


While the real estate market conditions are showing signs of improvement for tenants, an end-of-year recession may accelerate the process.