The Savings are there... They're just hiding

Whether your organization is in cost-cutting mode or you're doing annual due diligence to ensure company funds are well spent, it's time to take another look at your MHE costs. 

One often overlooked area that has the opportunity to dramatically reduce expenses, is in the optimization and management of material handling equipment (MHE). Your MHE currently accounts for about 19% of your total supply chain costs -- reducing this number can save millions. 

Our experienced Fleet Management division experts are no strangers to helping companies save on MHE and they're sharing 5 strategies for reducing the costs associated with your MHE fleet. Download the whitepaper to start saving now. 


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Key takeaways:
  • Preventing avoidable damage and abuse with technology
  • Looking at the comprehensive fleet for savings, not just individual items
  • The cost of downtime and how to avoid it

Warehouse Safety Board

"Only 20% of the cost of MHE is incurred at the time of purchase, while the remaining 80% of costs are incurred throughout the life of the equipment, including labor and parts."