2023 is well underway, where do things stand?

After years of volatility, is 2023 the return to normal? See where all facets of the supply chain - transportation, real estate and MHE -- stand moving into Q2. 

This report covers everything you need to know about transportation, including truckload, LTL, and parcel, MHE, and the state of real estate. Learn the impacts GRI's may have on your costs this year, how volumes are comparing to their record highs, where lead times stand for MHE, and the future of warehouse real estate after unprecedented shortages.

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In this report:
  • Where you can find savings in truckload rates 
  • How GRI's can effect your transportation costs this year
  • If you can expect a break in the demand for real estate -- and whether now is the best time to sign a lease
  • The state of MHE lead times and how to prepare your site


Southern California real estate activity seems to portend the future of a significant portion of the future of U.S. real estate activity. We can count on institutional and “deep pocket” Landlords to hold the line on rents in the absence of a major U.S. economic dislocation.